What Happens in a Disaster ?

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Would your business be able to survive if there was a fire in the server room or your warehouse burned down. ISC can help you draw up and test your Business Continuty or Disaster Recovery Plans

Business Continuity

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Business Continuity

Most businesses now have a Disaster Recovery (DR) plan which covers their IT systems however with IT becoming intrinsic to the whole business including operational areas ie. Voice Picking, Pick by Light, RF and barcode scanning the DR plan in place may no longer work.

If a server fails the DR plan will probably work but what if there is a fire at your distribution centre it is conceivable that you will have IT available to run the business but no way of picking your orders, loading your vehicles and therefore delivering to your customers. That is a very obvious example of where a DR / Business Continuity plan may fail.

At ISC we can review your DR/Business Continuity plans against your current processes and work with you to identify potential points of failure. We can even help you prepare your plans.