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ISC provide unbiased system recommendation, selection, implementation and management consulting services. Hopefully you can see our philosophy refelcted in our client testimonials.


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Testimonials & Recommendations

Peter Gibbs  Operations Director, Reynolds Catering Supplies Ltd.

David joined Reynolds shortly after a major ERP implimentation to review our practices and processes and help identify, prioritise, develop, and deliver best practice opportunities. David quickly integrated into the business and within a matter of a few weeks had identified a number of opportunities which have enabled us to deliver higher and more consistent service standards at significantly lower unit cost. In addition to operational and IT Operational support David has a broad experience in the Foodservice sector which has also proved invaluable to the Board in formulating strategy. I would engage David again should an appropriate opportunity arise.

Arty Welch  Head of Business Development, Reynolds Catering Supplies Ltd.

I worked with David on several projects and always found his input to be invaluable; his analytical approach coupled with his all round business acumen, helped the team to quickly identify the appropriate solution for the task in hand. I can recommend David's services without hesitation and look forward to working with him again at some point in the future.

Colin Baker  Operations Manager, Reynolds Catering Supplies Ltd.

Since David was brought in to the business I have found that he is superb at analysing data and getting to the route cause of issues. I have found his knowledge and experience invaluable and would recommend David to any business looking to streamline their operation and improve on current process. Thanks for all your help.

John Dolan  Business Development & Mobilisation Manager, Reynolds Catering Supplies Ltd.

I Have always found David to be highly professional in all aspects of his day to day work. Highly knowledgeable in all disciplines around Food Supply , systems and monitoring. David is an asset to the business, and I am proud to have David as a college and friend.

Andy White  Technical Director, Innovative Systems Partnership Ltd.

David and I worked extremely well together for many years. He is very knowledgeable about IT infrastructure and software development, obtained through his own experience and hard work. He worked well with our staff and was very supportive of them, and made sure that we had a good working culture at the business. David's particular strength is his knowledge of the Food Service sector within the UK. David has been in this industry for much of his working life and the experience and insight he brings to these businesses is truly amazing! David can also take ideas from different sectors and situations and use them to provide innovative solutions to new problems - he has a genuine ability to 'think outside the box'! I would very much like to work with David again in the future and would not hesitate to recommend him to you.

Eddie Harbour  Account Manager - Solution Sales, GE Capital IT Solutions.

What David did at Pauleys was visionary - if only more IT people replicated what he did with his Thin Client deployment to his offices and call centre, (almost eliminating the need for Microsoft products), Bill Gates would not be so rich!

Matthew Baier  Technology Consultant EMEA, Sun Microsystems, Inc. Germany

David is a man of many facets and talents. His entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit were the driving force behind many innovative and successful collaborations with Sun. His commitment to excellence makes him an extremely valuable and desirable business partner and I would relish the opportunity to work with him again.

Kay Koll  Technical Marketing Specialist, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

I know David as a foresighted CIO who understood the advantages of a centralized and reliable IT infrastructure much before other CTO showed interest in. He also drives innovative technologies and products to a great success. I was always a pleasure to work with him.

Martin Bale  Special Projects Manager, W. Pauley & Co Ltd.

David and I joined the family business of Pauleys in 1989 when it employed under 50 people and had just changed from a retail greengrocer outlet to wholesale fresh produce distribution. His contribution was crucial to the growth of Pauleys to 450 staff and £72 million turnover and eventual sale to Brake Bros in the early 2000's. His motto is - keep it simple - and if you boil everything down to cost and effeciency, it should work. He is dedicated, commited and thinks outside the box - an attribute essential in todays fast moving world.

Sarah Sanrey-Clifft  European Business Development - Software, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

David is an extremely intelligent IT professional with a strong sense of business acumen and innovative vision. I often used him as a sounding board for new technologies that SUN brought onto the marketplace as I valued his judgement of the market and its tendancies. A solid, loyal and honest individual - it is a real pleasure to know and work with David.